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Lack of Transparency

Hidden Fees

Regulatory Compliance

Fiduciary Oversight

Employee Confusion

Education is mostly Product based and confusing

Uncertain who to trust to help me learn about all of my options

Cannot interrupt work priorities to attend enrollment meetings

Administrative Burden

Provider Consolidations

State Mandates

Collective Bargaining

Legacy Systems

Multiple Providers

Insurance and Investment Products too Complicated

You Just Want a Simple Solution Without Conflict

Scarce Analytics

Data Integrity

Terminated or Missing Participants “Dirty Plans”

Did You Know?

1.84 Billion

unique users of Facebook daily

6 Hours

average screen time per person in 2020

86% of Consumers

say their buying decisions are influenced by social media

Statue of Liberty

the average user scrolls this distance daily

Facebook, Amazon, Airbnb, Uber

don’t own the products they sell

Employees are spending more time than ever on social media platforms. These platforms allow for the free flow of information, but most of the information on them is for fun, not productivity. Participants gravitate to these platforms for the community feel and sense of belonging, but using these platforms today has little to no impact on retirement savings or understanding employee benefits.

We meet your Employees where they spend their free time, engaging them regarding their personal retirement and benefit plan options. We use Advanced Intelligence, providing them with relevant educational information, personalized savings tools, and the easiest enrollment experience into their retirement savings plan.


Recognize These Icons?

It’s a visual representation of where your Participants spend their free time when not at work. Let’s change the conversations to drive retirement plan adoption, participation, and positive retirement outcomes.

Collective Choices.
Simple Solutions.

Deploying cutting edge technologies to provide meaningful interactive education and engagement with employees where it is convenient for them; no formal meetings or workday interruptions.

PlanSoco is reimagining Employer, Employee, and Advisor Communications

Modernized Employee


Advisor sets onsite Enrollment meetings
Sponsors sends emails announcing meetings to Participants
Low attendance at onsite meetings as Participants cannot find time in the workday to attend
Plan continues to have poor participation
Advisor struggles to find Participants to engage during work hours
Sponsor unable to interrupt working hours further, risking loss of productivity


“One Click Enrollment” options directly from the Participants social media dwelling to Employer Retirement Portal
PlanSoCo connects and engages with eligible and enrolled Participants using Advanced Intelligence across social platforms
Participants view content on their own time. Eligible Participants receive digital nudges to encourage enrollment in the plan
Participation rates increase, leading to better retirement outcomes, increased productivity and reduced financial stress

Do You Have Dirty Plans?

Is your plan full of terminated or missing participants?



Identify terminated or missing Participant’s aka “ Dirty Plans” thereby
    • Reducing ongoing Administrative burden and Plan exposure
    • Ensuring terminated/missing Participants a seamless exit from your Plan
    • Our turnkey process requires minimal time or resource commitments from Administrators


  • Review/Update Plan documents ensuring language is current allowing low balance/ terminated Participant rollout options with proper notification protocols conducted
  • 3

  • Review current Provider options and/or restrictions
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