Future Forward Solutions

Private and Public employer sponsored plans

Improving Plan Participation

We understand the challenge of telling your story in a way that won’t get lost in the daily shuffle of the workplace environment and multiple benefit options made available to employees. 

PlanSoCo delivers a fresh approach and the future forward with a comprehensive communications platform that eliminates benefit friction and fragmentation all designed to nurture trusted Sponsor engagement experiences with their employees. 

PlanSoCo is not an investment provider, advisor, TPA or recordkeeper. PlanSoCo provides a clear path to get beyond conversations around participation and education.

Contact us to learn how we can work together without increasing current benefit plan expenses.   

Greater Plan Participation

PlanSoCo’s process delivers greater employee awareness, education, exploration of options, and ultimately plan participation.

Working closely with you, PlanSoCo executes communications that engage employees to get excited about their savings opportunitites. 

Leveraging what Works

PlanSoCo continuously measures employee engagement across providers and products. This helps everyone learn and leverage what works. We work together to arm you with communications and tools that postively impact adoption of your products and services.